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About Aging Crypto Buddha


"Aging Crypto Buddha" is an ever-changing generative art that interacts with a blockchain. Each piece will age as time passes or their ownership is transferred, and eventually nothing will appear there.

This is achieved by developing the unique smart contract in order to record how many times the ownership of each work has been transferred, with which every work can age corresponding such data.

The concept of “Aging Crypto Buddha” is available on Medium.


1. NFT Artworks

"Aging Crypto Buddha" is made of several series. Each series, consisting of 108 pieces, depects a different character. The 1st series, which is currently being held, features the Vairocana.

Within the same series, there will be multiple groups, and each group shows different transitions towards the death of the work.

Series 1 108 pieces the Vairocana
Series 2 108 pieces the Maitreya or the Asura (TBD)
Series 3 108 pieces TBD

2. The Avatar / Header Generator Only for Owners

We are of course aware that it is difficult to use "Aging Crypto Buddha" as your profile image on your SNS platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, since “Aging Crypto Buddha” is a generative animation artwork.

We are planning to develop a dapp (Decentralized App) that allows owners to generate profile or header images available for free.


3. Mandala / Buddhist Paradise

We believe that the characteristics of the NFT will enable a new way of communication between artists and the owners of their works. We call this "mandala" or “buddhist paradise", which are the most important concepts in Buddhism.

Specific plans will be announced on this site and on Twitter, but it is going to be a place where owners can interact with each other and pray for themselves. Please stay tuned.

* The mandala image is public domain from The Met.



“Aging Crypto Buddha" is currently on sale on OpenSea.

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Computational artist / architect / blockchain engineer


The owners

All the owners of "Aging Crypto Buddha" are also the important members of our project!


“Aging Crypto Buddha" has a Discord channel in Soudan NFT, one of the most active Discord servers for the Japanese NFT community. Find my channel under CREATOR ZONE where English is also welcome!

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